Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boycotting Eagle Sponsors

Anyone who owns a dog should be disgusted by the Eagles signing a dog killer.
This man participated in the murders of at least 8 dogs. He took part in electrocuting, hanging, drowning, and slamming dogs into the ground to murder them. Now, if he had any morals at all wouldn't he at least have tried a more humane way to put the dog down? But hanging?
Picture it; He makes a noose with a piece of rope. slings the end of a branch of a tree behind his mansion then loops the other end around a dogs neck. Do you think the dog looked up at him with big brown eyes full of love and devotion? Do you think he cowered in fear because he just watched other dogs being drowned? So, Vick gets this rope snugly around the dogs neck and then what? Did Mr. Vick yank on the other end and laugh as the dog fought against the rope tightening around his throat? Did the dog writhe in pain as the noose cut off his air supply? Was Mr. Vick laughing as the dog twitched, paws helplessly waving in the air as it died?
Or was he simply planning how to kill the next dog in line? Which would be better? Drowning? Oh, how about an electrocution?
And now after serving 18 months he walks right back into your children's lives as a football hero. Did he really pay his debt to society as some claim? I don't think so. How about a year in jail for each dog he murdered? And how about he serve his entire sentence instead of getting out early?
Let your feelings be known.
Just say no.
The Eagles see only $$$ where Vick is concerned. So hit them where the dollar signs hurt. Boycott their sponsors.
On the Eagles Website you see ads for Rite Aide, Sovereign Bank and others. Send these folks an email and tell them if they support dog killers you don't support them.