Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blood on the hands of a Do-Nothing Congress

Another school shooting. Another mass murder with an AR-15, an assault weapon developed for war.
But the NRA and supporters think it's cool so they sell it to anyone with a trigger finger.
Congress hides behind their donations. Woooo, can't lose a buck no matter how many kids are murdered.
Sorry Congress, this blood is on your hands.
President Trump, this blood is on  your hands.

For all your bluster and empty promises, here's your chance to DO SOMETHING!
Pass a law and get these guns off the street. Strengthen our gun laws so kids don't have to go to school and worry about some nut walking in with an assault rifle.
Balls in your court Congress, step up or step down. No one needs you if you're not voting to protect our kids.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Theory of Trump

Does Trump have a plan? Look close, the clues are there. Let's lay out the facts and see how it adds up...

Trump refuses to attend briefings. This will make him the most uninformed President since Nixon (and we all know how that worked out!)

Trump hasn't gotten rid of any conflict of interest businesses. Is he really worth billions? Or once he starts dumping stuff will we know the truth? Maybe Putin holds the notes on all his properties?

Trump shows no interest in learning about diplomacy or international relations. In fact, so far he gets an "F" in that subject.

Our own CIA says Russia had their hand in America's election and Trump, without checking any facts, says it didn't happen.

Trump's wife and kid ain't movin' into the White House, but Trump maybe, might live there. It depends on which week you ask him.

So let's add this up;

  1. He's not interested in learning anything about what a president does in office.
  2. He has no interest in national security.
  3. He sides with the Russians...well, constantly.
  4. He's not getting rid of his business/financial interests that are conflicts of interest. 
  5. His family has no interest in the White House. (said no first lady ever!)
So, here's the theory; Trump will get sworn into office and quit the job within a month. 

He really didn't want the job, he just wanted to win. If the President isn't there then Vice Prez Pence will take office. You know, the only one taking all the briefings....
And so it goes....

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Big WTF Night in the good old USA

No one expected that our country had so many racists in it. Either that or the promise of change was just too blinding for them. If you were paying attention, most of the promises Trump gave, he also walked back on numerous times. The question now should be; what the hell is he going to do now.

The man has no plans, no road map, no idea what a president does in office.

Now it's up to the GOP, who took the congress and senate, to rein in this crazy, pussy grabbing, idiot. (Sorry, I calls them likes I sees them.) They had so much practise blocking Obama on 5 jobs bills and every other thing he proposed, blocking Trump should be a piece of cake.

The GOP really needs to step up and make the economy continue Obama's upswing or in four years, their goose is cooked. If not, the Republican party may fade into the history books never to be seen again....

What you gave up with your Trump vote?

  1. Women's reproductive rights. Sorry, not your Vagina anymore.
  2. Gay marriage. No longer land of the free- land of the cranky old bigots
  3. Trickle Down economics -aka Tax breaks for the rich, fuck the middle class -AGAIN!
  4. He bankrupted 6 companies, he'll bankrupt the USA probably with Russian loans. Can you say, President Putin? (same difference) 
  5. Laws protecting animals; Killing animals for sport? Eric Trump's fav sport. 
Jobs. Obama created jobs, Trump doesn't pay his workers and takes them to court to wear them down and break them with delays.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Voting with Your Brain

I like to see inner strength in a person. The ability to keep fighting under pressure and the self confidence to know that, no matter what the bullies say, what you are doing is important.

If you want the real story on Hillary Clinton do some research. No matter how much garbage they heap at her nothing sticks. They have NO EVIDENCE that she ever did anything wrong. And yet, the great Hillary smear campaign continues.

So election day draws near and the Republicans, Trump, and his pal Putin will be hurling insults and zingers at the speed of light. Donald (Drama Mama) Trump has an ego so big he can't let a woman beat him, because he looks down on women as playthings to be used and abused. Strong women scare him.

Forget everything you heard about both of them and do some research. Just make sure you're on a real website and not something set up to smear either candidate. is just as unreliable as Keep looking. Search the bill sponsored on the Senate website. See what Hillary has worked for.  Look into the court system of New York and just do a name search. See the lawsuits with Trump's name on them. Before you vote, get off your ass and get the facts.

Things that worry me about Donald the Drama Mama? He won't show his tax returns. Putin is rooting for him. He's ignorant of basic international facts. He says he's a great negotiator yet goes to Mexico to negotiate the wall and gets laughed out of the country. And that Putin thing... There was evidence he was borrowing from foreign banks. Could Putin have him by the financial balls? What happens to the US economy if Putin is pulling the purse strings.

At least Hillary has always been loyal to America. Her work has always been based for the good of America. She doesn't have ties to communist/dictatorship countries. She's got an excellent record on children's health care and women's rights.  That email thing? The investigation produced nothing. I'm still waiting for them to investigate George W.,  VP Chaney, Colin Powell, and Condelisa Rice who did the same thing with using an independent server and deleting over 22,000 emails.

This Tuesday I'll vote for the person with the solid record of working for
America and not the drama mama who just might be selling us out to Russia.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Trump Apology - FAIL!

Trump calmly glares into the camera to give an apology to women about his nasty comments that include bragging about wanting to fuck a married woman. Then he said;  
"You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful -- I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait," Trump can be heard saying on the tape.
"And when you’re a star they let you do it... You can do anything."
"Whatever you want," another voice is heard saying.
"Grab them by the pussy," Trump says. "You can do anything."   
When this tape came out Trump brushed it off as "locker room banter." So Wow...he just told American women that all men talk like that when they're with the boys. Really? 
And how many women did he "grab by the pussy?" Does he think his little TV shows give him the right to assault women? If he's done this, I hope those women come forward. They should file sexual assault charges, they don't have to hide. We all see Donald has crude and a bit of a jerk. We'll believe you. 
Then the internet went nutzo! With Republicans abandoning him and morally minded people all over America in an uproar, Trump issued a forced apology.
Kind of looks like a naughty little boy who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. I guess this is Trump sitting in the "Time Out" chair. 
Another note; He married Melania in January of 2005. He made these crude remarks a few months later. I wonder if Melania is now questioning his loyalty? 
His apology failed for two reasons. First he simply glared into the camera and read the prepared statement. It looked forced. Did Kellyanne make him do it? Second: he turned what was supposed to be an apology to women into an attack on another woman; Hillary. 
Apology Fail!  

#NotMyPresident #WhataJerk

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Clinton Trump Debate Fallout

I know the talking heads on TV have been debating who had the best night at the debate and, depending on which channel you tune to, it could be either Trump or Clinton.

I'd have to go with Clinton for the following reasons;

  1. She remained calm no matter what was thrown at her or how many times Trump interrupted her. 
  2. She stayed on point with her answers. All her answers were direct answers to the questions asked. The woman can focus on issues in spite of the chatter to her right. 
  3. She could explain her plans. There were no "secret" vague plans.
  4. She showed respect for the moderator and even for Trump. She did not interrupt or try to shout over Trump or Holt. 
  5. She wasn't afraid of the fact checkers. In fact, she invited them in. 
Where Trump failed;
  1. What was with the funny faces? Did he not know there was a split screen and he looked like a fourth grade bully mocking his school mates? (apologies to any fourth graders out there)
  2. Could not give direct answers. Donny seemed to talk around the question and always turned it back into an attack. Does he not know his own stance on the issues? 
  3. The shout outs and interrupts. A display of uncontrolled emotions and defensiveness. I found myself wishing they would shut off his mic so others could finish a sentence without his nasty yips. 
  4. Seemed to get more agitated as the night wore on. If Clinton and Holt could cause enough pressure for him to lose control, how would this man fare if faced with life and death negotiations? How could he face off with the leaders of other nations without losing control? 
  5. Fear of facts. Before the debate he refused to allow fact checking during the debate. What was he afraid of? An honest politician should not be afraid of the fact checkers.

Debate one goes to Hillary Clinton. 

Perhaps Donald could take a lesson now and actually prepare for the next debate and stop bragging that he doesn't need to prepare. Evidently he needed something. 

Now, imagine if he was walking into a war room unprepared?