Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GOP: Grand Old "Puppets"?

The Republican party seems to have disappeared. Their conservative values are being ridiculed every time their chosen candidate, Donald Trump, opens his mouth. Its almost like the GOP is endorsing  an uninformed fourth grade bully for the highest office in the land.

Republicans everywhere have to ask themselves, "Do we want a President of Negativity?" A man who spews hatred and stoops to name calling when when he doesn't have the verbal skills to express himself any other way?

Some say the media is behind the popularity of Trump, but really, isn't it like watching a car wreck? Everyone watches, cringes, and maybe says a prayer? When someone representing the adults in the room shows a lack of maturity and basic knowledge of world events, it kind of is news. GOP, the world is laughing at you. Your standing has dropped from powerful party, to a bunch of puppets manipulated by a spoiled little man-baby.

And you better watch out. Dare to speak the truth and you'll be dubbed with a nickname of ridicule, because that's what fourth grade bullies do. They call people names, spew lies and work hard to intimidate. Dare to stand up and he'll slap you down again. The GOP no longer looks like strong leaders, instead they're being trampled upon by the bully in the room.

Monday, June 13, 2016

God Stands with Orlando

I was raised an Irish Catholic. In case you don't know, there is no stronger Catholic, than an Irish Catholic. More time is spent in mass, catechism, and other church functions than anywhere else in your existence. In adulthood, I've drifted away from organized religion due to one crazy/mean priest. I still believe in God, a higher power that is all about love.

One of the first things I learned in Catholic school was, "God made me, God made everyone."

So simple. A basis for everything in life. If God made it, we should always respect it. The earth, the animals, and, of course, people. 

So, if it's true that God made me, God made everyone, Then God made people gay. He wanted people to be hetero and gay. Just like he wanted people to be all colors. There is beauty in diversity. He created everything. 

I don't believe God created hate. 
Hate is a message from the devil. Like the little demon in the red horns and pointy tail, hate sits there waiting for you to give in to peer pressure and take it by the hand. Hate loves to drag people along and make them do and say stupid things. Making fun of someone because of their race, sexual preference, or religion is hate. Ugly, dirty hate. And it will drag you into the mud with it. 

If you believe God is hate, I think the devil has you snowballed. Like certain politicians, they think if they yell it loud enough, the weak will follow. 

Don't be weak. Know God is love, only love. Love the world and the people and rejoice in the diversity we have been gifted with in this life. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Democrat in Republican Clothing?

Hey! Is there a fox in the hen house?
After listening to the flip flops from Mr. Trump, I have to wonder if his heart is with the Democratic party and his plan is to bust the GOP.

Time magazine reported this back in March. From Pro-choice to Pro-life, Ban assault weapons to guns for everyone, and pro-torture to oh wait, I'll obey the laws. And on and on....

So what if this is all a plan to take control of the GOP? He incites the base of the Republican party with fear and  hate and then backtracks and slides into liberal mode.


Although his history shows more of a leaning toward the Democratic party (Check out Open there have been a few Republicans he deemed worth of a donation. We have to ask, does history show us whose values Mr. Trump really supports? Hmmm, interesting.

What happens next for the GOP? When the tea party took over the GOP a few years ago, the extremists seemed to take control. Never before has the Republican party appear to be motivated by hate and fear. Old time Republicans have been struggling not to fall under this veil of tea-stains, and have often spoken out against members of their own party. Google Republican in fighting and pages upon pages show up. 

What would  happen if Mr. Trump suddenly decided he was tired of the political game and suddenly dropped out? Who would he throw his support behind? Is there a clue in his donation history?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Trump vs the GOP?

Did the GOP create the rolling Trump monster by sitting in the Senate and Congress and failing to do their job?

When the voters see a whine, bitch and do nothing group of elected officials not doing their job, do they get angry? Did Trump recognize this anger and figured if he fueled it, he could give his ego a boost? Why not run for Prez?

Of all the alternatives, if I did vote for a Republican - and let me state I have not decided who to vote for - I probably would have been more swayed by Rubio who was the only one with any class. Rubio gave us a clean campaign with decent ideas. He showed respect, something not many of the Goppers remember how to do.

Cruz? He doesn't understand the separation of church and state. Kind of important in a country that was founded on freedom of religion. He speaks out against rights of women to control their own bodies and seems to hawk his religious views at every turn. I respect his religion, but hey, keep it to yourself buddy.

Hillary? Well, the country did well during the Clinton years when rumor had it she was the brains behind the presidency. She has experience with international stuff, she's worked with budgets and knows how to manage people. Probably not a bad choice, but we'll leave that open for now.

Bernie? Well, here's a man after my own heart. He's caring and decent, but can he get his ideas through congress? His views are more in alignment with our founding fathers who simply wanted people to be free from government micro managing. If Bernie can get elected and bring his ideas to reality, the middle class in America will do much better.

Trump's racist, woman bashing comments should  have anyone running in the opposite direction and yet he's got enough followers to make him a problem to the GOP. Since Obama was elected, most of congress decided they were going to behave like spoiled little children who didn't get their own way and go on strike. Sure they show up, then do nothing. What are we paying them for? Anyone else go to work, do nothing, and still get paid?

Did the GOP create the Trump monster machine by not doing the job they were elected for? When your elected officials refuse to cooperate on all levels to a ridicules degree, the voters get angry. Then they turn to something else. Someone with a loud voice spouting convoluted ideas with no practical application. (Hey! Anyone got billions of dollars to build a wall? Track and deport illegal immigrants?)  When pressed for facts, he backtracks or just rambles about something else. . . yet, still they follow him. Why? Did the GOP, by establishing a do-nothing work ethic, end their chances for a viable candidate?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

GOP Declares War Reporters: What are they Scared of?

Ask a challenging question to any GOP candidate and you'll be condemned as the "evil media." See Washington Post article here. Are they being persecuted?

Or just big babies? They complain about the questions, but really? How many debates have they had? Are they going to object to more questions that bring to the forefront their weird and sometimes crazy remarks on the campaign trail? Abortion is slavery? Immigrants are criminals?

Now they're looking into setting up debates to cater to their own platforms. Gee, why don't they just buy a commercial?

Questions that upset the Goppers found on 

Cruz was asked; If his opposition to the budget deal was not the kind of problem solver Americans want. 

Here is his whiny answer; Let me just say something at the outset. The questions that have been asked at this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match, and you look at the questions. Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson, can you do math? John Kasich, will you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues?

What? Did he not hear the question or not know the answer?

The moderators asked a question about Fantasy Football and betting and Chris Christie (lowest approval rating in his home state-calls for his resignation and here's why. ) barks back about other topics.

If he didn't want to answer the question why didn't he just say he had no answer? After all, he hasn't been in New Jersey long enough to know it's an issue here so why would he have an opinion on it?

Read more of the debate here on USA Today here. 

How about a new debate rule? If you don't like the question asked, just say "pass." Let someone who knows about the issues ...ALL the issues...take the question.

Who made the biggest fool of themselves at the debate?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello Joaquin! Where's Christie Now? 
As Hurricane Joaquin shifts and appears to be setting his sights on New Jersey, the shore braces for a big hit. Still not fully recovered from Superstorm Sandy, many of those who had their homes destroyed are praying this beast heads out to sea.  Either way, NJ is going to get some flooding. Let's just hope it's manageable and doesn't destroy our beach towns. 

Anyone want to place bets on if our Governor will show up for this storm? Some Sandy victims have criticized Chris Christie for his lack of response to the destruction that storm brought to New Jersey. Check that out here.  They marked him as a failure in disaster response. Scary fact for a prez candidate.  Lately, Christie seems more concerned with his drive for the White House than he does about the citizens who elected him. He wastes taxpayer dollars by dragging his security force all over the US, while New Jersey's bank balance is in the negatives. Please! Someone tell him to resign!

Can anyone tell me where I can get a job traveling anywhere I please while still drawing a paycheck, wasting state dollars, and living the high life, (one he doesn't have to account for?) New Jersey? Find your taxes here.