Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Big WTF Night in the good old USA

No one expected that our country had so many racists in it. Either that or the promise of change was just too blinding for them. If you were paying attention, most of the promises Trump gave, he also walked back on numerous times. The question now should be; what the hell is he going to do now.

The man has no plans, no road map, no idea what a president does in office.

Now it's up to the GOP, who took the congress and senate, to rein in this crazy, pussy grabbing, idiot. (Sorry, I calls them likes I sees them.) They had so much practise blocking Obama on 5 jobs bills and every other thing he proposed, blocking Trump should be a piece of cake.

The GOP really needs to step up and make the economy continue Obama's upswing or in four years, their goose is cooked. If not, the Republican party may fade into the history books never to be seen again....

What you gave up with your Trump vote?

  1. Women's reproductive rights. Sorry, not your Vagina anymore.
  2. Gay marriage. No longer land of the free- land of the cranky old bigots
  3. Trickle Down economics -aka Tax breaks for the rich, fuck the middle class -AGAIN!
  4. He bankrupted 6 companies, he'll bankrupt the USA probably with Russian loans. Can you say, President Putin? (same difference) 
  5. Laws protecting animals; Killing animals for sport? Eric Trump's fav sport. 
Jobs. Obama created jobs, Trump doesn't pay his workers and takes them to court to wear them down and break them with delays.


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