Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is Dublyn. She's been up for adoption for a while now and wishing and hoping for her forever home.
Dublyn is a 3 year old shepard jindo mix. She loves people but needs a home where she would be the only animal. She is very faithful to her owners and is fully trained in basic commands both on and off leash. Dublyn would make a perfect watchdog and companion for an active family or single owner. She is completely housebroken and is fine with being alone. As you can see he's very attentive and listens well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monmouth County Freeholder

So I got my Mail in ballot in the mail the other day and as I was filling it out I thought about who I wanted for Freeholder….I only had one answer so I’m writing him in.

Vincent Solomeno

But how can I not? Mr. Solomeno is a man for the people. He's just the one we need to breathe new life into the stoddy, old Freeholder board. In a time when we need new ideas and forward thinking the same old song and dance just isn't going to cut it. I encourage everyone to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! and write in a man who can get things done.
Vincent Solomeno.