Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brookdale College, Are you proud?

Yesterday's Asbury Park Press had an article stating exactly what the President of Brookdale College in Lincroft NJ made each year. The peasants are outraged!
Base Salary = $216,000.
Country Club Membership = $ ? (Plus yearly updates)
Tuition Reimbursement to private college for his two kids = $267,676. (so far. What? Couldn't they go to Brookdale?)
Travel expenses for his wife = $ ? No numbers on how much this cost.
Ford Expedition = $42,815.
Housing Allowance = $ 1,500. per month
Yearly bonuses = $10,000 to 15,000 per year.

All total this guy probably makes at least $300,000. a year.
So I think I should ask my boss for a housing allowance. All this time I thought I was supposed to pay for that out of my base salary but hey! maybe I was wrong? What else would my base salary be for anyway?
And a Ford Expedition? What? He couldn't drive a Hyundai and save a few bucks for tuition?
Travel expenses for his wife? Really? Just leave her home! Why are students paying for her free ride?
And then there's the country club. Really? This was a necessary part of his contract? Yeah, lets get this clown a country club membership so...for....wait, I'm thinking...there has to be some reason somewhere that the Brookdale Board of Trustee's thought this was a necessity in the contract. Either that or they had a big brain fart and just put it in there for shits and giggles.
This all came to light when the Pres of Brookdale made a comment about the Freeholders cutting aide to the college. Freeholder John Curley decided to investigate for himself and discovered that Brookdale's Pres was cleaning up at the taxpayer's expense.
Congrats John Curley! Good job.
Now we need the Brookdale Board of Trustees to do their job. Renegotiate this contract and take out all the fluff. If the pres gets another job just wave goodbye and find someone else from the job pool of over a million qualified applicants. I'd bet they have someone there at Brookdale that would do the job for just the salary without all the perks.
The Brookdale Board of Trustees should be ashamed of themselves for this misuse of funds. They've abused the trust that students and parents have placed in them to do the right thing.
This morning the Trustees voted not to push through the 8.2% tuition increase. Too bad they had to be EMBARRASSED into making the right choice.