Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Job Interview: Why You Blew it!

Five things that will blow your job interview:

     1. Late arrival. Be on time! Or maybe a few minutes early, but not an hour early. You were scheduled around the interviewer's work day. Respect that. Showing up 5 to 10 minutes early? Great! Showing up two hours early? DON'T DO IT! No you don't look anxious for the job or like a go getter. You look like someone who can't tell time or follow directions. In some companies there might be someone who has to keep an eye on you so you don't wander. You just screwed up their day. 

     2. Dress like a slob. Instead, dress like you want the job. Leave the t-shirt and hoodie at home and wear a shirt and tie. Or blouse and nice pants/skirt. Good shoes, no sneakers.  Make sure your clothing is clean. No stains. No missing buttons. 

    3. TMI. (Too Much Information) Don't say stupid things. We all know an interview can be an extremely nerve wracking experience, but keep your cool. Think about your answers. Go online and look up "Interview Questions." Most companies use the same type of questions so you might have an edge if you know the common questions. 
           a. Never tell them you smoked pot when you were younger or have a problem with alcohol. 
           b. Don't complain about your family. 
           c. Never say anything bad about your last boss or coworkers. 

     4. Bare your Ink. Tattoos. I love them, I have one, but cover them during the interview. Tattoos are one of those things people either love or hate. You don't know who you're meeting with or what their views are on ink. You want the job? Play the odds and cover the tats till you get the job. 

     5. Go empty handed. Be prepared. Bring a copy of your resume and references. Don't be digging in the phone to find numbers of your friends to put down as references. (Turn your phone off!)  If you don't have a resume, get one. Not a lot of work experience? Put volunteer work or special skills on it. Get help with that resume by someone who knows how to write one. Check with your local collage or library to find out where to get help. 

An interview is a chance to sell yourself to the company. Recite a list of the skills you have that fit this job before you go in so you'll have a better chance of remembering them when you're in the hot seat. If you have a friend or family member who'll practice interviewing you, do it! Practice can only make you stronger in when in the interview chair. 

Good luck!