Monday, September 14, 2015

Dear Hazlet.... I want a refund!

Does Hazlet have money to waste? Are the elected officials sitting on the podium thinking up ways to blow taxpayer $$$?
Check out the article in the Independent here, to see the committee's $200,000. Bozo move to blow your tax dollars.

Someone on the committee decided the town needed a new elaborate entrance to Veteran's Park on one of the busiest corners in town. A corner the county just fixed by widening the street and giving the residents turn lanes.

I need to know who on the committee came up with this idea? Were they all sitting around going..."LOOK! MONEY! Let's blow it on something?"

Seems this time Ronchetti and DeNardo might just be the voice of reason on this Mad Hatter committee. If the rest of them want to blow your tax dollars~~~the power is yours. Election day will be here in the spring and I for one will remember this blatant misuse of taxes.

Hey, Hazlet committee? If you have that extra cash why don't you put it into the roads? Dirt roads would run smoother than some of the rock and roll roads in this town. Or how about a refund on those taxes? Evidently there's money to waste so GIVE IT BACK TO THE HOMEOWNERS!