Friday, March 25, 2016

Trump vs the GOP?

Did the GOP create the rolling Trump monster by sitting in the Senate and Congress and failing to do their job?

When the voters see a whine, bitch and do nothing group of elected officials not doing their job, do they get angry? Did Trump recognize this anger and figured if he fueled it, he could give his ego a boost? Why not run for Prez?

Of all the alternatives, if I did vote for a Republican - and let me state I have not decided who to vote for - I probably would have been more swayed by Rubio who was the only one with any class. Rubio gave us a clean campaign with decent ideas. He showed respect, something not many of the Goppers remember how to do.

Cruz? He doesn't understand the separation of church and state. Kind of important in a country that was founded on freedom of religion. He speaks out against rights of women to control their own bodies and seems to hawk his religious views at every turn. I respect his religion, but hey, keep it to yourself buddy.

Hillary? Well, the country did well during the Clinton years when rumor had it she was the brains behind the presidency. She has experience with international stuff, she's worked with budgets and knows how to manage people. Probably not a bad choice, but we'll leave that open for now.

Bernie? Well, here's a man after my own heart. He's caring and decent, but can he get his ideas through congress? His views are more in alignment with our founding fathers who simply wanted people to be free from government micro managing. If Bernie can get elected and bring his ideas to reality, the middle class in America will do much better.

Trump's racist, woman bashing comments should  have anyone running in the opposite direction and yet he's got enough followers to make him a problem to the GOP. Since Obama was elected, most of congress decided they were going to behave like spoiled little children who didn't get their own way and go on strike. Sure they show up, then do nothing. What are we paying them for? Anyone else go to work, do nothing, and still get paid?

Did the GOP create the Trump monster machine by not doing the job they were elected for? When your elected officials refuse to cooperate on all levels to a ridicules degree, the voters get angry. Then they turn to something else. Someone with a loud voice spouting convoluted ideas with no practical application. (Hey! Anyone got billions of dollars to build a wall? Track and deport illegal immigrants?)  When pressed for facts, he backtracks or just rambles about something else. . . yet, still they follow him. Why? Did the GOP, by establishing a do-nothing work ethic, end their chances for a viable candidate?