Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain? Are you serious?

The word is out: McCain has picked his running mate. The Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
A woman who is younger then Obama (Hasn't McCain been harping on Obama's youth and lack of experience?) and her only other political work has been as mayor of Wasila, a small town of about 6000 people. (She's in her first term as Governor-not a lot of experience there either.)
Although we're just learning about her, she does support drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, but this would make sense as her husband is an oil production operator. (Is this what we call conflict of interest? Why wouldn't she support something that would keep her dear hubby employed?)

Did she really try to get her sister's exhusband fired?

She's also a hunter. Maybe she can give Dick Chaney some lessons?

One scary thought; If something happened to McCain while in office a mayor of a small town in the Alaskan wilderness will become president of the United States. ((shiver))

McCain! What were you thinking? Was this announcement a red herring? Is there something else up your sleeve? Did you let Sarah's name slip so we wouldn't be so shocked at your real choice? Did you think the fact that she's a woman would sway the Hillary vote? Do you think Hillary supporters are that stupid? At least Hillary spent some time in the White House and on her own has a lot more experience.

Read more about Sarah here.

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