Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's 100 days.

One hundred days. Always some kind of mile stone for a new Prez. So now we get to judge him. Let's see...he's been working on the economy (something ignored for the last few years so OMG what a mess!), working on an intelligent plan to get us out of Iraq (And he's listening to his generals. I believe in the last admin when a general made suggestions that weren't popular they were reassigned), more stimulus checks coming out. I'm not getting one but it looks like its going to people who really need it so that's a good thing.
Getting rid of Gitmo. Since it's turned into a huge embarrassment to our country that's a good thing. And no they aren't going to release the bad guys into our country (have you seen those ridicules emails floating around?). Those who belong in jail will just go to other jails. Simple.
Let's face it, Obama took control of a country in trouble and he's moving forward. What more can we ask? Cleaning up 8 years of mismanagement takes time.
I think he's doing okay. What do you think?