Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your tax dollars at a tweet...

For a man who is going on and on about cutting spending our new Governor, Chris Christie, has decided to throw $60,000 a year away on having someone maintain his Face Book and Twitter accounts.
Does this guy really need a social networking site? After all the state has it's own website already and he could definitely put an update page there if he really felt the overwhelming need to reach out. Plus he has a whole office that handles his communications.
Remember every time the $60,000-twitter-twit is logging on to put up his one-liners or play with Governor's Face Book it's using more bandwith...which comes from the tax payer's pockets. OUch! Are the Tweets and Face Book updates really necessary? Are these things for anything but his own personal gain? And to waste $60,000+ of our tax dollars on promoting himself is outrageous!
Come on Christie...if you really want to tweet do so at your own expense and on your own time just like the rest of us.
Every one is cutting back, laying off and tightening their belts. Christie talks about cutting waste but I guess that doesn't mean his own.
If this annoys you write to the Governor and tell him it was a real bozo move and you DON'T want your tax dollars wasted this way. Or better yet, flood his Twitter account and Face Book.