Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gun Control Options

Gun control and protecting schools has come up again and all the politicos are now debating what to do. Give teachers guns! Put cops in schools! Take guns away! Give more people guns!

Decisions Decisions....

Bottom line...we have a problem but no..more guns won't help the problem. Should we ban certain guns? Yeah, probably. Why would any normal person need an assault weapon? It's not a personal protection weapon, its an...."assault" weapon. There's our first clue. Unless there's a reason you have to have a weapon that kills several people in a short don't need it. No one needs it unless you're a soldier on duty somewhere in a war zone.

Teachers with guns? way. No teacher I ever met every said they wanted to be a teacher to carry a gun and shoot people. They don't want to keep the peace and they don't want to wave a gun above the heads of children. They didn't want to be a police man when they grew up. They wanted to teach and to help the kids that came into their classrooms. So let them teach. Don't force them to be something, do something they never wanted in the first place.

Cops in schools? Better idea. I know after Columbine I felt better when I saw the police officer wandering the halls of our local high school. He was a man trained in criminal apprehension, use of firearms and in making life and death decisions at a moment's notice. (Things teachers are not trained for)

Gun control. How about we make guns at least as difficult as getting a driver's license? Tests, both practical and written, then send in a application with basic information and some psychological evaluation questions.  Would that hurt anyone's right to bare arms?

I'm just an average person. Yet tomorrow I could go buy a gun and fire it. I've never held a gun, know nothing about them, but I could have one soon and who knows where that would lead?

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