Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Christie, Wildstein, & that Forgotten Court Case

In January 2014, a civil action suit was brought against Chris Christie, Bridget Kelly, David Wildstein, Baroni, Stepien, Drewniak for the traffic tie up caused by closing 3 lanes on that infamous bridge into/out of Fort Lee. It seeks damages for residents and business owners.

Brings to light the fact that a lot of businesses were affected when traffic snarled all over Fort Lee. If the roads were clogged, people couldn't get to work, couldn't go shopping, couldn't take the kids out after school...if they could even get to school through all the traffic. Four days of this, almost a week, can be a really big financial detriment to the shops and businesses. I have to wonder how long it took them to recover?

According to the lawyer for the residents, Wildstein and Kelly never responded to the complaint and so could be found in default.

The other's named in the suit did respond. They asked for a dismissal. I'm guessing that's just what lawyers do, try to get stuff dismissed. Would that be possible? So many emails go back and forth between these political appointee mobsters that the evidence is kind of overwhelming. If you read Wildstein's indictment you see a lot of back and forth between the major players and some of it was kinda nasty. If this gets dismissed, there is something seriously wrong with our justice system.

Let's see...they used a bogus traffic study to hurt a mayor because he wouldn't come out publicly to endorse Christie. When did bullies take over Trenton?
Oh wait! Christie was elected in 2009? That's when the bullies took over.
How embarrassing for New Jersey....

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