Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello Joaquin! Where's Christie Now? 
As Hurricane Joaquin shifts and appears to be setting his sights on New Jersey, the shore braces for a big hit. Still not fully recovered from Superstorm Sandy, many of those who had their homes destroyed are praying this beast heads out to sea.  Either way, NJ is going to get some flooding. Let's just hope it's manageable and doesn't destroy our beach towns. 

Anyone want to place bets on if our Governor will show up for this storm? Some Sandy victims have criticized Chris Christie for his lack of response to the destruction that storm brought to New Jersey. Check that out here.  They marked him as a failure in disaster response. Scary fact for a prez candidate.  Lately, Christie seems more concerned with his drive for the White House than he does about the citizens who elected him. He wastes taxpayer dollars by dragging his security force all over the US, while New Jersey's bank balance is in the negatives. Please! Someone tell him to resign!

Can anyone tell me where I can get a job traveling anywhere I please while still drawing a paycheck, wasting state dollars, and living the high life, (one he doesn't have to account for?) New Jersey? Find your taxes here. 

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