Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Democrat in Republican Clothing?

Hey! Is there a fox in the hen house?
After listening to the flip flops from Mr. Trump, I have to wonder if his heart is with the Democratic party and his plan is to bust the GOP.

Time magazine reported this back in March. From Pro-choice to Pro-life, Ban assault weapons to guns for everyone, and pro-torture to oh wait, I'll obey the laws. And on and on....

So what if this is all a plan to take control of the GOP? He incites the base of the Republican party with fear and  hate and then backtracks and slides into liberal mode.


Although his history shows more of a leaning toward the Democratic party (Check out Open there have been a few Republicans he deemed worth of a donation. We have to ask, does history show us whose values Mr. Trump really supports? Hmmm, interesting.

What happens next for the GOP? When the tea party took over the GOP a few years ago, the extremists seemed to take control. Never before has the Republican party appear to be motivated by hate and fear. Old time Republicans have been struggling not to fall under this veil of tea-stains, and have often spoken out against members of their own party. Google Republican in fighting and pages upon pages show up. 

What would  happen if Mr. Trump suddenly decided he was tired of the political game and suddenly dropped out? Who would he throw his support behind? Is there a clue in his donation history?