Monday, June 13, 2016

God Stands with Orlando

I was raised an Irish Catholic. In case you don't know, there is no stronger Catholic, than an Irish Catholic. More time is spent in mass, catechism, and other church functions than anywhere else in your existence. In adulthood, I've drifted away from organized religion due to one crazy/mean priest. I still believe in God, a higher power that is all about love.

One of the first things I learned in Catholic school was, "God made me, God made everyone."

So simple. A basis for everything in life. If God made it, we should always respect it. The earth, the animals, and, of course, people. 

So, if it's true that God made me, God made everyone, Then God made people gay. He wanted people to be hetero and gay. Just like he wanted people to be all colors. There is beauty in diversity. He created everything. 

I don't believe God created hate. 
Hate is a message from the devil. Like the little demon in the red horns and pointy tail, hate sits there waiting for you to give in to peer pressure and take it by the hand. Hate loves to drag people along and make them do and say stupid things. Making fun of someone because of their race, sexual preference, or religion is hate. Ugly, dirty hate. And it will drag you into the mud with it. 

If you believe God is hate, I think the devil has you snowballed. Like certain politicians, they think if they yell it loud enough, the weak will follow. 

Don't be weak. Know God is love, only love. Love the world and the people and rejoice in the diversity we have been gifted with in this life. 

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