Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GOP: Grand Old "Puppets"?

The Republican party seems to have disappeared. Their conservative values are being ridiculed every time their chosen candidate, Donald Trump, opens his mouth. Its almost like the GOP is endorsing  an uninformed fourth grade bully for the highest office in the land.

Republicans everywhere have to ask themselves, "Do we want a President of Negativity?" A man who spews hatred and stoops to name calling when when he doesn't have the verbal skills to express himself any other way?

Some say the media is behind the popularity of Trump, but really, isn't it like watching a car wreck? Everyone watches, cringes, and maybe says a prayer? When someone representing the adults in the room shows a lack of maturity and basic knowledge of world events, it kind of is news. GOP, the world is laughing at you. Your standing has dropped from powerful party, to a bunch of puppets manipulated by a spoiled little man-baby.

And you better watch out. Dare to speak the truth and you'll be dubbed with a nickname of ridicule, because that's what fourth grade bullies do. They call people names, spew lies and work hard to intimidate. Dare to stand up and he'll slap you down again. The GOP no longer looks like strong leaders, instead they're being trampled upon by the bully in the room.