Saturday, September 6, 2008

Outting a Pregnant 17 year old~Shame on Sarah!

Aside from the fact that Sarah Palin outted her 17 year old daughter on national television for her own political gain (Bad mommy!), she is also supporting the marriage of a child. Oh yes, 17 year old's are children (they can't even vote yet!)
So here's a thought. The reason Palin outed her daughter is because some random blogger suggested that maybe baby Trig actually belonged to her daughter and not her. After all, her daughter missed like 5 months of school and when Sarah's water broke (leaked?) she waited two hours in Texas so she could give a speech, then traveled over 10 hours back to Alaska and then drove another hour to a hospital to deliver the baby. I know it was her fifth child but please! Isn't the health and safe delivery of a child a priority over giving a damn speech? Especially since it was a child with developmental issues? I guess Sarah didn't think so. Politics first, ya know.
So here's my theory (don't hate me~its just a thought)
What if her daughter really isn't pregnant? What if this is all a made up lie to show us Palin really is an outstanding member of the moral majority? Could Trig really belong to the daughter and this was just a pathetic attempt to cover it?
So if her daughter really does deliver a baby in December as scheduled...I'll apologize.
If not? We'll know Palin lied to us.
Still very un-cool to out your daughter on national TV.

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