Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is Chris Christie a bigot?

Chris Christie, Republican candidate for Governor in New Jersey, came out today and said he will do everything he can to block gay marriage in our state.
So my guess is the man doesn't believe in the basic principle of "land of the free". I guess if Christie had his way we'd amend that statement to be "land of the free except if you're gay".

Mr. Christie? If you're out there can you tell me what you base this decision on? Do you have some kind of religious opinion on gays or do you just hate them? Why is it they don't deserve the same freedoms as you, your wife and children?

Or is this just a ploy trying to drag the good old boys under your wing? Kind of like the the Palin syndrome when McCain snatched up just any old woman to try and sway the female base of the population over to this side. Too bad he didn't vet her before letting her open her mouth.

If we think back to the reason America broke away from England all those many eon's ago we can remember it was for religious freedom. Our founding father's risked everything to break away from oppressive overlords who thought they could micromanage the lives of the people. Now we have a man running for Governor who wants to impose his own views into the marriages of people living in New Jersey. What business is it of his who any of us marry? Shouldn't that be our right? Our freedom?
Chris Christie? Stay out of our marriage, our homes and our bedrooms. You don't belong here.

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