Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School Board Elections???

Gov Christie signed into law the option of moving the Annual april School Board election to November. Towns have the ability to opt in or out and stay in April. If they move to November then, as long as their budget is at or under the cap the budget doesn't go on the ballot. Drawbacks? The taxpayers may not want it to be at cap or however much the tax is raised. If they opt to stay in April then the budget is on the ballot and voter's have the say. Drawback? The more towns that opt out and go to November the bigger the cost of the April election will be to the towns that stay in April. All expenses for the election that were split between the towns under the county election divisions will now be split by however many stay in April. Example: Monmouth County has 53 municipalities. So they split the towns election expense 53 ways. Now if half these towns go to November then the remaining 26 or so will have to split the cost, thereby making the option to stay in April more expensive for the taxpayers. It will be interesting to see how many towns opt out. Another plus would be the November election always has a bigger turnout so more people will vote for the School Board Issues. What's up in your town.

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