Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monmouth County Schools

There they go....Most of the towns in Monmouth County have moved their School elections to the November election. This saves each town thousands of dollars. The few towns left will have until February 17th to make their decision. Some are just waiting for the next board meeting to vote on it so it will probably be a done deal for the whole county.
The one thing I'm concerned about is the fact that this move is not well publicized. Even if the people don't realize that April has passed without a school board election, and this does happen to people not involved with the schools, November my still have problems. It's a presidential election year so the polls are going to be busy. And now people are walking into the voting booth and being faced with all these extra candidates and questions on the screen.
Please tell me they have a plan to get the news out about the importance of reading your sample ballot BEFORE entering the polling booth. Make your decisions at home and go in an informed voter who isn't going to tie up the process.
Or better yet get a mail in ballot and do it at home. There you can take your time and not hold up the line.

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