Sunday, August 24, 2014

Playing Politics with the Media

Its been reported that the Christie administration is doing everything it can to set the Open Public Records Act back into the dark ages. It doesn't matter what the law says...if Christie doesn't want you to see it, the laws will be damned.

The ACLU (you know, those guys who do their best to protect your civil rights?) gave Chris Christie "D" on protecting the civil liberties of New Jersey residents. Check out his report card here.

His office has been fraught with scandals from day one. Sandy Fund Scandal, Bridgegate, OPRA problems....
His tool box didn't work; by cutting all state aid he left every community in NJ scrambling to make up the loss of revenue. What did they have to do? Raise Taxes. Gov Christie left them no choice.
Then he attacked teachers, pensioners and the media who reported on his actions. Because, you know, its everyone else's fault.

He's turning into the most expensive Governors New Jersey ever had to the tune of over 8 million dollars in lawyer bills of taxpayer money.

Now Mr. Tax & Spend Christie wants to be Prez? Well, if he's elected all I can say is Welcome to the dictatorship of Christieville. Taxes are up in every town in NJ since he took office, he's attacked pensions and paydays. New Jersey is quickly becoming a state only the rich can afford.