Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where to Find Money for NJ Pensions

Just a suggestion, but here's a few places the state might find some $$$$ to cover the states pension fund.

  • Keep Christie in New Jersey. Evidently our tax dollars are being wasted to guard him so he can campaign all over the country. Keep him home and put that money into Pensions. 
  • Make him reimburse the state for that extra election. You know, the one he called so he wouldn't be up for election at the same time as Booker? That's $24 million. 
  • Make him pay for his own lawyer. NJ Taxpayers paid for Christie to have his own lawyer investigate what the feds were already investigating. (SURPRISE! They said he's not guilty! Clueless, but not guilty.) $1 Million dollar taxpayer scam. 
  • Make Christie keep his promise for transparency in NJ government. He's spending millons to keep his out of control spending under wraps. 
  • If he hired people to run his social media/facebook/twitter accounts; are they in the pension system? If so, why? 
Off topic? 
What the heck did he and Mary Pat do with all that Sandy money? Except of course that huge chuck of bucks sent to those companies that donated to his Republican Governors fund.  Why are there still so many struggling to recover? If they didn't get that money, who did? 

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