Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Balancing Christie's Budget?

Watchdog.org recently reported on the Christie spending spree at sports venues in 2010 & 2011. According to Watchdog, who obtained the records there's a lot missing on these reports.

Grand total; $82,594.00 is what the the Gov spent on food and beverage concessions at MetLife Stadium. Maybe taxpayers should wonder what he spent this on. Out of 58 times he went to a game, he spent $82,594.00 on snacks and drinks. What could you buy at the local grocery store for that amount? I know the concessions are over priced, but that's still a lot of food! So let's do the math.
Calculator Please!
Divided by 58 games
Equals = $1424.03 in food and drink per game.

Yum! What a game!

Really, when I go to a Giants game I always gobble a grand and a half worth of food, don't you? I mean watching all those guys run around chasing the pig-skin can make a person hungry, right? Just how much is a beer at the stadium anyway?

Don't worry, the St Louis Post Dispatch did the calculating for us. Who can consume 9371 hot dogs & beers? I guess those dogs were with the works?
Newsweek gives a better breakdown of what could be eaten for $82,594.00.

But I got a stomachache just reading it. Blah! Check them out to see what Christie probably ate at the games.

Don't think it ends there...
A mystery has arisen in the great Wiennie Dog Fiasco....the receipts for these smorgasbords have gone missing. Yes, Gov Christie, the man who wants to run our county, can't even keep track of his own snack attack bill. Our state might never know who gobbled their tax dollars at these sporting events.

In all fairness, after this hit the news, the GOP (isn't Christie head of the GOP club?) stepped up to reimburse the taxpayers for the Governor's wasteful spending in a CYA move they seem to be doing a lot lately. Hmmm, seems like someone was feeling guilty for something?

Tell me, would you vote for a guy for prez if he couldn't even keep his own expense account in line?

Thank you, Watchdog. Keep up the good work.

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