Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Christie vs Wildstein ~ Showdown @ High Noon

However Bridgegate and the rest of the Christie mess plays out, there's no doubt David Wildstein will play a big part in the outcome.

Philly.com reports that Wildstein is claiming Christie disclosed confidential Grand Jury information to him. Which would be a violation of state? or maybe federal law? The problem is, Can Wildstein prove it?

From all reports, Wildstein claims to have evidence in the Bridgegate case. If he kept records then, would he have other documented information on something like this Grand Jury thing? In 2013, NorthJersey.com reported Wildstein would buy up domain names of certain political figures, including Barbara Buono and her running mate, Milly Silva. (bounosilva.org and millysilva.com) He also purchased a domain name for Pat Foye, Port Authority executive who had harsh words about the bridge closures. (patfoye.com)  Very creepy that someone would buy the domain name for random people. Right now none of these pages seem to be owned by anyone. Domain names are usually purchased for anywhere from one to three years or beyond, so whatever he bought probably expired. Maybe these folks should go get their names before they fall back on Wildstein's radar.
Either way, this gives us a peek into the mind of the man who just may bring Christie down. He's a man who likes to gather websites and maybe he's got a stash of other evidence somewhere. By all appearances, he's a smart man who just might cover his ass in all situations. The Bridgegate trial is set for November so I'm sure we'll find out.

Wildstein was also the founder of PolitickerNJ, where he used a pen name (Wally Edge) to drop information on the political world in NJ. A site I actually liked to check out from time to time.

Christie claims he never knew Wildstein in high school yet then handed him a job worth big bucks that had no official job description. Wildstein's resume was not on file when requested by a reporter. Hmmm, what could that mean?

If this alleged Grand Jury spill is true, Christie did this only to give his fellow Republicans an edge in the election. So, if laws were broken, what would Christie face? Contempt charges or, since it was a federal grand jury, would it be more?

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