Sunday, June 14, 2015

No Pot for You! ~ Chris Christie

Chris Christie says he'll enforce federal ban on marijuana if elected prez. In an article by AP it was also reported that he will not pander to voters in Colorado.
Christie has been pandering to Ohio, Virginia, ...check out his Where's Waldo post here to find out who else he panders to, but he hasn't been in New Jersey doing his job as governor. His middle name is turning into "Mr Pander to Get the Vote."

Medical Marijuana has multiple benefits  from slowing the progression of HIV and cancer to relieving chronic pain. Anyone who suffers from pain no regular pain medication can touch, knows how important that can be. Yet, Christie stated that Medical Marijuana is a "front for legalization." Oh, those wily sick people! How dare they suffer just to trick the governor into waking up.

Why is Marijuana illegal anyway? 
Although there are many stories about why the government decided to outlaw pot, most believe it was due to the almighty dollar. Big business was afraid of this easy to grow, multi-use weed would destroy the paper industry along. William Randolph Hearst had a big investment in the paper industry and the newspaper platform to promote his anti-marijuana propaganda. He also had the political influence to drag government officials into his self serving campaign. Did this man and his cronies start the war against marijuana? The weed our forefathers grew?

Really? Do we want to vote into office men with such narrow minds that they want to take pain relief from those who are suffering? Who rely on the self serving campaigns of the 1930's to make decisions? Or the politicians who sell themselves to the drug companies of the new millennium to force the suffering to pay big money for drugs that cause more harm than good?

Land of the free where are you?

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