Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gay Marriage in the Land of the Free

The Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage and little Republican minds all over the US imploded.

Mike Huckabee, Prez contender, stated that the Supreme Court "redefined marriage."
Really, Mike? Marriage to me was always meant to be between two people who loved and cared for each other. What's wrong with that kind of marriage, Mike?

The only way this can be changed is with an amendment to the Constitution. Are their any Prez contenders who say they'll work on that now? Scott Walker wants this to happen. He also said we need a Republican Prez who'll appoint conservatives to the court. Hey Scott! Five of the nine were appointed by Republican Presidents. So they do have the majority. They also seem to have brains that aren't full of your bullshit, hater views. Maybe they do believe that all Americans should have equal rights? Wow! Good for them.

Jeb Bush thinks we should leave the hate mongering up to the individual states. That way they can impose their own version of who can be free to marry in America. Great idea, Jeb! Selective hate. Marco Rubio is with him on this bashing of civil rights on a state by state basis. He also talks about freedom of religions to avoid the law. That's fine. But if those churches take money from the state or federal gov or enjoy the tax benefits of calling themselves non-profit, then they should be made to follow the law. They don't want the financial benefits? Great, then they can do as they please, but don't take my tax money to promote hate and discrimination.

Then there is the weak Prez contender Chris -Bridgegate- Christie. He pulls the party line by opposing Gay marriage but what can he do? He dropped his appeal to get Gay Marriage out of the Garden State in 2013 when the NJ Supreme court legalized it.

When someone tells me that marriage should be between a man and a woman I always ask them why they believe that. Never has anyone been able to answer me. They shrug and say that's just how it is. Ask why again and still, no answer. Could it be that there is no reason why any two consenting adults can't marry? Are we talking semantics here or just hate. Disagree with a lifestyle and then make up laws to limit their freedom. Way to go, GOP!

Land of the free...Good job, SCOTUS! 

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