Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chris Christie -Gate- for Prez?

Aside from his brash (aka; rude) manner of bashing New Jersey Teachers and middle class working families who have been counting on their pensions for retirement, Chris Christie has a lot of baggage to drag into the race for Prez.

Bridgegate ~ Chris Christie's most infamous screw up. Either he knew about the lane closures or he had no control over the staff he appointed. Could he really have been that clueless? Or was he striking back in his typical school yard bully fashion at a Democratic Mayor in Fort Lee? One of the busiest bridges in New Jersey goes into gridlock for four days and he knew nothing about it? Maybe he should have turned on the news that day...

Sandy-gate ~ Although he was all, "Get off the Beach!" in his blue fleece and acting like he cared, after the flood water retreated, so did Governor Christie.  Leaving families out in the cold, Chris Christie overspent on a commercial ($25 million) to say the Jersey shore was open, yet he failed to mention New Jersey families might not make it to the beach since they had no homes. Rebuilding might be more important to these families than planning a va-ca.  It was over four months before the Sandy Relief Funds collected/controlled by his wife, Mary Pat were released.  When the press reported on this Christie barked back with weak excuses, but then the first funds went to....not Sandy victims.  It's now three years after Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore and the victims of Sandy are still trying to rebuild their homes. Where's Governor Big-Mouth now? Sandy-gate grade? Fail.

Pension-gate ~  Is the New Jersey pension system a mess? Maybe, but with Chris Christie what's okay for his double-dipping buddies, doesn't trickle down to the working class. Maybe he should have fixed that before bashing hard working teachers here.   Here's another list of his fight against teachers.

Exxon-gate ~ Did Christie sell out New Jersey for his corporate buddies? Exxon donates big $$$ to the Republican Party and Christie cuts them a deal to the detriment of New Jersey. Pay to Play, Mr. Christie? Shouldn't Christie have let others handle this settlement since it was definitely a conflict of interests?

Party-gate ~ New Jersey taxpayers foot the bill for Christie to race around the country with his security team. There there was that 80K that Christie spent on football games. Next time you pay that tax bill know what you're paying for.

Lawsuit-gate ~ Although Chris Christie promised "transparency in Government" in is campaign for Governor, he evidently didn't mean what he said. The lawsuits for him to release public records hits a new high. New Jersey taxpayers foot the bill for his $1 million lawyer buddy deal to clear his name on Bridgegate, yet that law firm has no records of anything done to gather evidence that (they claim) cleared him.  Google "Chris Christie Lawsuits" and the list is pages long.

Property taxes have risen under the Christie Administration making our Corzine years look like a party. He campaigned on transparency in Government but continues to hide financial records. With all the problems in New Jersey...can America afford Chris Christie and all his "gates" in the Oval Office?

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