Sunday, November 6, 2016

Voting with Your Brain

I like to see inner strength in a person. The ability to keep fighting under pressure and the self confidence to know that, no matter what the bullies say, what you are doing is important.

If you want the real story on Hillary Clinton do some research. No matter how much garbage they heap at her nothing sticks. They have NO EVIDENCE that she ever did anything wrong. And yet, the great Hillary smear campaign continues.

So election day draws near and the Republicans, Trump, and his pal Putin will be hurling insults and zingers at the speed of light. Donald (Drama Mama) Trump has an ego so big he can't let a woman beat him, because he looks down on women as playthings to be used and abused. Strong women scare him.

Forget everything you heard about both of them and do some research. Just make sure you're on a real website and not something set up to smear either candidate. is just as unreliable as Keep looking. Search the bill sponsored on the Senate website. See what Hillary has worked for.  Look into the court system of New York and just do a name search. See the lawsuits with Trump's name on them. Before you vote, get off your ass and get the facts.

Things that worry me about Donald the Drama Mama? He won't show his tax returns. Putin is rooting for him. He's ignorant of basic international facts. He says he's a great negotiator yet goes to Mexico to negotiate the wall and gets laughed out of the country. And that Putin thing... There was evidence he was borrowing from foreign banks. Could Putin have him by the financial balls? What happens to the US economy if Putin is pulling the purse strings.

At least Hillary has always been loyal to America. Her work has always been based for the good of America. She doesn't have ties to communist/dictatorship countries. She's got an excellent record on children's health care and women's rights.  That email thing? The investigation produced nothing. I'm still waiting for them to investigate George W.,  VP Chaney, Colin Powell, and Condelisa Rice who did the same thing with using an independent server and deleting over 22,000 emails.

This Tuesday I'll vote for the person with the solid record of working for
America and not the drama mama who just might be selling us out to Russia.

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