Thursday, November 27, 2008


From the beginning Obama reminded me of JFK. His quiet strength, intelligence and forward thinking radiates hope. Something our country needs right now. With sinking economy, soring jobless rates and general feeling of malcontent we need a man with new ideas. And Obama is it. I feel good about this election. For whatever reason Americans (Democrats AND Republicans) voted for Obama the message is clear; America needs change. We need a president who worked his way through school, (Harvard!) spent time with the little guy, and understands what the real America really needs.
Regan started trickle down economics and it worked--for awhile. Obama's plane seems more like trickle up economics. Give money to the little guy, he in turns spends money, enriches our economy and putting more into the hands of the wealthy.
This makes more sense. If the little guy has nothing to spend big business won't be so big anymore. He needs the little guy to spend so he can reap the profits.
Obama is inheriting a big mess and anyone who expects miracles and a quick turn around--well, it ain't gonna happen. His first priority is to clean up the mess left behind by our present prez.
But after that --> Watch out! Obama has the brains and ideas to turn this country around.
America, you made a wise choice.

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Beach Bum said...

Just surfing around and discovered your site.

I was inspired by Obama's words early in the race and honestly I wondered if the country would be smart enough to elect him. Even though I feel Bush more or less stole the 2000 election he did win in 2004, that just didn't say much about us.

Enjoyed your post and agree completely.