Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I'm NOT Voting for Governor Christie

Reason # 1;

I'm not voting for Governor Christie because numbers don't lie. He can bluster and blather all he wants but the unemployment numbers are there in black and white.

These number have risen steadily since he took office. Embarrassingly enough, this puts New Jersey at 7th worst in the entire nation. Yes, New Jersey, the state that made their mark in the industrial revolution and prospered ever headed for last place. Who knows, if we give him 4 more years, we just might make it. We've been watching this decent into middle class poverty since he got the job, why would anything change? And if he gets "Right to Work" laws in place in New Jersey, it will only get worse. Every state that implemented "Right to Work" has seen a steady DECLINE in worker wages. With unemployment already at an all time high, "Right to Work" laws will send us skidding into the gutter.

In fact, his get tough, cut all state aid policies have increased unemployment. Tax cuts are still in place for the rich and his buddies are lining their pockets, but police, firefighters, and teachers are still on the unemployment line. Christie forgets he's dealing with more than numbers on a ledger. All budget cuts affect real working class people. People Christie doesn't really know anything about.

Most people think his tough talk is cool. He's a Jersey tough guy and will defend the state.


He's defending big business and letting the middle class slide into poverty. Four more years? No friggin' way!

Stay tuned for reason # 2 tomorrow.....

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