Monday, September 9, 2013

Chris Christie a Cowboy's fan?

I heard our Gov turns his back on the Giants to root for the Dallas Cowboys. Bah!
He's traveling around the country now, kissing up to his base in hopes of being the next Prez. But he's still running for Gov of NJ. Playing all the options.

So does this mean if we elect him to the NJ Gov office (barf!) he'll abandon our state in 2015 to run for office of Prez in 2016??? Is he going to pull a SARAH PALIN on us?

Dear Future Presidential Voters,
     Christie is abusing NJ, his spending is out of control and he continues to ignore job creation, Sandy relief and help for small business. If you make him prez, he'll just bring his destruction to the white house, kiss up to his corporate cronies and blow your tax dollars.
     Consider yourself warned.

Bruised and Battered New Jersey

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