Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dear New Hampshire....Take My Governor, PLEASE!

Dear New Hampshire,
I heard you were quite taken with Governor Christie. I read about it here. 
You like his brash manner (in New Jersey we call his name calling "lack of manners" See it here!) and outspokenness.  Not having facts, shouldn't really be categorized as outspokenness. He didn't have the facts when he spouted off about pensions and what other governors have done in New Jersey. Was he lying or just speaking without know the facts? Read about that here.                

We've had Christie as Governor here in NJ for ...about 5-6 years now?

  • Unemployment is up....check out the facts.   
  • Property taxes have risen under Christie at a rate almost twice as high as our previous governor. Numbers from 2013 here. Or compare your state to ours here. 
  • Transparency in government was something Christie promised in his campaign. However, his office can't seem to cough up any facts when questioned. The New York Times even reported it here.  And the lawsuits are costing taxpayers-you know the ones who want the transparency-big bucks. 
  • Bridgegate leaves questions  and we're waiting for the indictment to drop any minute now. 
  • New Jersey was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy two years ago and people are still fighting to get back in their homes. They question the Governor about it and get ...well, not much. reported it here. 
  • Then there's the great New Jersey Exodus; We be leaving this high taxed state where you get less for your buck. 

In closing, dear New Hampshire, if you think our Governor is so great let him govern New Hampshire for while and then get back to me.

Respectfully yours,
A New Jersey Taxpayer

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where to Find Money for NJ Pensions

Just a suggestion, but here's a few places the state might find some $$$$ to cover the states pension fund.

  • Keep Christie in New Jersey. Evidently our tax dollars are being wasted to guard him so he can campaign all over the country. Keep him home and put that money into Pensions. 
  • Make him reimburse the state for that extra election. You know, the one he called so he wouldn't be up for election at the same time as Booker? That's $24 million. 
  • Make him pay for his own lawyer. NJ Taxpayers paid for Christie to have his own lawyer investigate what the feds were already investigating. (SURPRISE! They said he's not guilty! Clueless, but not guilty.) $1 Million dollar taxpayer scam. 
  • Make Christie keep his promise for transparency in NJ government. He's spending millons to keep his out of control spending under wraps. 
  • If he hired people to run his social media/facebook/twitter accounts; are they in the pension system? If so, why? 
Off topic? 
What the heck did he and Mary Pat do with all that Sandy money? Except of course that huge chuck of bucks sent to those companies that donated to his Republican Governors fund.  Why are there still so many struggling to recover? If they didn't get that money, who did? 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christie Plays the Waiting Game

Hillary announced she's running for Prez. No surprise there, we all saw it coming. Who else on the Dem tree is throwing their hat in the ring?
A conspiracy theorist, a performance artist, and an ex-football coach. Hmmm, should Hillary be worried? I think the only threat to Hillary for the Dem nomination at this point would be Elizabeth Warren but she already said no. Warren has already proved her self a force to be reckoned with. Her down to earth, common sense and courageous manner of calling out the deadwood political leaders in her home state of Massachusetts, has many begging her to run. I'd give her my vote in a nanosecond.
Governors from Virginia, Maryland, and Rhode Island have also made some noise in bid for Prez, but they've been keeping such a low profile I don't even remember their names.

On the other side of the ticket is....was...Chris Christie. He was all anyone was talking about a few years ago but maybe, just maybe...that bridge has closed. With New Jersey's unemployment rate one of the worst in the nations, taxes up all over the state, and his mini war on Planned Parenthood (women), he's done nothing to prove he's worth of that Oval Office. And then there's Bridgegate, accepting gifts from Jerry Jones and ...who sent him to London? That trip was a bust. Not very presidential to snap at British reporters.  Now he's a global bully.

The waiting game is on... news sites all over the web are holding their breath and waiting for the indictments to drop. Who's making a deal and who will go down because of it?

  • Wildstein? Yeah, he's been looking for a deal since day one. And he looks like a man who'd keep a little insurance on the side. 
  • Kelly? She's a mom. If a deal is offered, she should make the deal that would be best for her kids. I'm sure this is hard enough on them. 
  • Samson? Not sure anything can save him and the fact that his law firm is removing his name...hmmmm? What do you think? 

  • Governor Christie? Could he really not have know what was going on? A traffic jam on the biggest commuter bridge in New Jersey and he was clueless? He never once wondered what kind of traffic study would shut down rush hour? Could he be that dumb? And he said he never met Wildstein ...suddenly all these photos of him and Wildstein's your memory Mr. Christie? 

Should be an interesting week. . .  Who else is getting indicted? Any guesses?