Monday, December 12, 2016

Theory of Trump

Does Trump have a plan? Look close, the clues are there. Let's lay out the facts and see how it adds up...

Trump refuses to attend briefings. This will make him the most uninformed President since Nixon (and we all know how that worked out!)

Trump hasn't gotten rid of any conflict of interest businesses. Is he really worth billions? Or once he starts dumping stuff will we know the truth? Maybe Putin holds the notes on all his properties?

Trump shows no interest in learning about diplomacy or international relations. In fact, so far he gets an "F" in that subject.

Our own CIA says Russia had their hand in America's election and Trump, without checking any facts, says it didn't happen.

Trump's wife and kid ain't movin' into the White House, but Trump maybe, might live there. It depends on which week you ask him.

So let's add this up;

  1. He's not interested in learning anything about what a president does in office.
  2. He has no interest in national security.
  3. He sides with the Russians...well, constantly.
  4. He's not getting rid of his business/financial interests that are conflicts of interest. 
  5. His family has no interest in the White House. (said no first lady ever!)
So, here's the theory; Trump will get sworn into office and quit the job within a month. 

He really didn't want the job, he just wanted to win. If the President isn't there then Vice Prez Pence will take office. You know, the only one taking all the briefings....
And so it goes....

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