Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gay Marriage in the Land of the Free

The Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage and little Republican minds all over the US imploded.

Mike Huckabee, Prez contender, stated that the Supreme Court "redefined marriage."
Really, Mike? Marriage to me was always meant to be between two people who loved and cared for each other. What's wrong with that kind of marriage, Mike?

The only way this can be changed is with an amendment to the Constitution. Are their any Prez contenders who say they'll work on that now? Scott Walker wants this to happen. He also said we need a Republican Prez who'll appoint conservatives to the court. Hey Scott! Five of the nine were appointed by Republican Presidents. So they do have the majority. They also seem to have brains that aren't full of your bullshit, hater views. Maybe they do believe that all Americans should have equal rights? Wow! Good for them.

Jeb Bush thinks we should leave the hate mongering up to the individual states. That way they can impose their own version of who can be free to marry in America. Great idea, Jeb! Selective hate. Marco Rubio is with him on this bashing of civil rights on a state by state basis. He also talks about freedom of religions to avoid the law. That's fine. But if those churches take money from the state or federal gov or enjoy the tax benefits of calling themselves non-profit, then they should be made to follow the law. They don't want the financial benefits? Great, then they can do as they please, but don't take my tax money to promote hate and discrimination.

Then there is the weak Prez contender Chris -Bridgegate- Christie. He pulls the party line by opposing Gay marriage but what can he do? He dropped his appeal to get Gay Marriage out of the Garden State in 2013 when the NJ Supreme court legalized it.

When someone tells me that marriage should be between a man and a woman I always ask them why they believe that. Never has anyone been able to answer me. They shrug and say that's just how it is. Ask why again and still, no answer. Could it be that there is no reason why any two consenting adults can't marry? Are we talking semantics here or just hate. Disagree with a lifestyle and then make up laws to limit their freedom. Way to go, GOP!

Land of the free...Good job, SCOTUS! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jeb Bush & the Social Security Solution

Jeb Bush thinks we should privatize Social Security. You know, that program that's flush till like 2035 or near there, but every republican is using to bait the voters?  Does he say this because big business hasn't made a mess of anything else? "Wall St. Bail Out??? What bail out? The one Wall St. never paid back to the American public?

Eh. Easy come, easy go.

Then there's the health care biz in the US before Obama care required them to use more of your premiums for actual health care? (Before then your premiums went to pay for the big bonuses for the CEO's.)

Yeah, I'd trust big biz. We could always just bail them out when they trash it, right?

Jeb also wants to raise the retirement age. Probably because he's not worried about his own retirement.

With a net worth of $10 million, does Jeb really understand what he'd doing to the middle class? Maybe not, but I'm betting he does understand big biz. Which is probably why he wants to hand them your Social Security.

Bottom line~
Social Security does need help, but turning it into a business can only spell trouble. What if Jeb and his friend$  just chipped in a little more to keep the system going? The EconomicPopulist has a great idea, check out his solution to the Social Security problem. I think he's on to something.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

No Pot for You! ~ Chris Christie

Chris Christie says he'll enforce federal ban on marijuana if elected prez. In an article by AP it was also reported that he will not pander to voters in Colorado.
Christie has been pandering to Ohio, Virginia, ...check out his Where's Waldo post here to find out who else he panders to, but he hasn't been in New Jersey doing his job as governor. His middle name is turning into "Mr Pander to Get the Vote."

Medical Marijuana has multiple benefits  from slowing the progression of HIV and cancer to relieving chronic pain. Anyone who suffers from pain no regular pain medication can touch, knows how important that can be. Yet, Christie stated that Medical Marijuana is a "front for legalization." Oh, those wily sick people! How dare they suffer just to trick the governor into waking up.

Why is Marijuana illegal anyway? 
Although there are many stories about why the government decided to outlaw pot, most believe it was due to the almighty dollar. Big business was afraid of this easy to grow, multi-use weed would destroy the paper industry along. William Randolph Hearst had a big investment in the paper industry and the newspaper platform to promote his anti-marijuana propaganda. He also had the political influence to drag government officials into his self serving campaign. Did this man and his cronies start the war against marijuana? The weed our forefathers grew?

Really? Do we want to vote into office men with such narrow minds that they want to take pain relief from those who are suffering? Who rely on the self serving campaigns of the 1930's to make decisions? Or the politicians who sell themselves to the drug companies of the new millennium to force the suffering to pay big money for drugs that cause more harm than good?

Land of the free where are you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Christie vs Wildstein ~ Showdown @ High Noon

However Bridgegate and the rest of the Christie mess plays out, there's no doubt David Wildstein will play a big part in the outcome. reports that Wildstein is claiming Christie disclosed confidential Grand Jury information to him. Which would be a violation of state? or maybe federal law? The problem is, Can Wildstein prove it?

From all reports, Wildstein claims to have evidence in the Bridgegate case. If he kept records then, would he have other documented information on something like this Grand Jury thing? In 2013, reported Wildstein would buy up domain names of certain political figures, including Barbara Buono and her running mate, Milly Silva. ( and He also purchased a domain name for Pat Foye, Port Authority executive who had harsh words about the bridge closures. (  Very creepy that someone would buy the domain name for random people. Right now none of these pages seem to be owned by anyone. Domain names are usually purchased for anywhere from one to three years or beyond, so whatever he bought probably expired. Maybe these folks should go get their names before they fall back on Wildstein's radar.
Either way, this gives us a peek into the mind of the man who just may bring Christie down. He's a man who likes to gather websites and maybe he's got a stash of other evidence somewhere. By all appearances, he's a smart man who just might cover his ass in all situations. The Bridgegate trial is set for November so I'm sure we'll find out.

Wildstein was also the founder of PolitickerNJ, where he used a pen name (Wally Edge) to drop information on the political world in NJ. A site I actually liked to check out from time to time.

Christie claims he never knew Wildstein in high school yet then handed him a job worth big bucks that had no official job description. Wildstein's resume was not on file when requested by a reporter. Hmmm, what could that mean?

If this alleged Grand Jury spill is true, Christie did this only to give his fellow Republicans an edge in the election. So, if laws were broken, what would Christie face? Contempt charges or, since it was a federal grand jury, would it be more?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Balancing Christie's Budget? recently reported on the Christie spending spree at sports venues in 2010 & 2011. According to Watchdog, who obtained the records there's a lot missing on these reports.

Grand total; $82,594.00 is what the the Gov spent on food and beverage concessions at MetLife Stadium. Maybe taxpayers should wonder what he spent this on. Out of 58 times he went to a game, he spent $82,594.00 on snacks and drinks. What could you buy at the local grocery store for that amount? I know the concessions are over priced, but that's still a lot of food! So let's do the math.
Calculator Please!
Divided by 58 games
Equals = $1424.03 in food and drink per game.

Yum! What a game!

Really, when I go to a Giants game I always gobble a grand and a half worth of food, don't you? I mean watching all those guys run around chasing the pig-skin can make a person hungry, right? Just how much is a beer at the stadium anyway?

Don't worry, the St Louis Post Dispatch did the calculating for us. Who can consume 9371 hot dogs & beers? I guess those dogs were with the works?
Newsweek gives a better breakdown of what could be eaten for $82,594.00.

But I got a stomachache just reading it. Blah! Check them out to see what Christie probably ate at the games.

Don't think it ends there...
A mystery has arisen in the great Wiennie Dog Fiasco....the receipts for these smorgasbords have gone missing. Yes, Gov Christie, the man who wants to run our county, can't even keep track of his own snack attack bill. Our state might never know who gobbled their tax dollars at these sporting events.

In all fairness, after this hit the news, the GOP (isn't Christie head of the GOP club?) stepped up to reimburse the taxpayers for the Governor's wasteful spending in a CYA move they seem to be doing a lot lately. Hmmm, seems like someone was feeling guilty for something?

Tell me, would you vote for a guy for prez if he couldn't even keep his own expense account in line?

Thank you, Watchdog. Keep up the good work.