Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flying shoes

He threw his shoes at our president.
Okay, I'm no fan of Bush and will be glad when his reign is over but at this point he's still our president and I can't help getting upset that some wacko is hurling objects at him.
I don't care that it's some kind of insult in that country because it really means nothing here, (Unless you're Austin Powers?) but until January 20th Bush is still our president and we should defend him.
Other than that I thought he handled it well. He joked and made light of it and moved on.
Now what do you think about the reaction time of the Secret Service?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bloggers Unite to Stamp Out Hunger!

Today Bloggers all over New Jersey are uniting to get the word out and help Stamp Out Hunger.

Our food banks are at an all time low. Their shelves are depleted and they are in desperate need of donations.

Check out the Community Food Bank to find out what you can do to help others in your community.

1.6 million people in New Jersey need some kind of assistance putting food on the table. Now multiply that by all 50 states and we've got a big problem. Find out how to help today! Get involved and Blog out hunger.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Senate Seat for Sale...

Did he really think he'd get away with this?
Okay, ego is one thing but selling a senate seat to the highest bidder? Really?

In case you missed it, read here. Gov. Rod Blagojevich thought he could make some personal profit from selling the seat vacated by Prez-elect Obama.

I would think the best he should have hoped for was an assignment to Obama's cabinet yet this guy figures he can take the highest bidder for personal profit. (Did he forget about ebay? Things go for really big bucks there.)

No, instead he plays let's make a deal. Gotta job for my wife? Good salary for me? I'll start up a non-profit and you can pay me big bucks and POOF! You're a senator!

I understand politics, I know how the appointment game gets played but there are somethings ya probably shouldn't try. Selling Senate seats is probably one of them.

Rumor: Jesse Jackson was involved. Eh, I doubt that. Jesse denies it and I believe him. I'm not a fan but he's too smart for this stuff.

Okay, now I have to say one more thing: What's up with that hair?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


From the beginning Obama reminded me of JFK. His quiet strength, intelligence and forward thinking radiates hope. Something our country needs right now. With sinking economy, soring jobless rates and general feeling of malcontent we need a man with new ideas. And Obama is it. I feel good about this election. For whatever reason Americans (Democrats AND Republicans) voted for Obama the message is clear; America needs change. We need a president who worked his way through school, (Harvard!) spent time with the little guy, and understands what the real America really needs.
Regan started trickle down economics and it worked--for awhile. Obama's plane seems more like trickle up economics. Give money to the little guy, he in turns spends money, enriches our economy and putting more into the hands of the wealthy.
This makes more sense. If the little guy has nothing to spend big business won't be so big anymore. He needs the little guy to spend so he can reap the profits.
Obama is inheriting a big mess and anyone who expects miracles and a quick turn around--well, it ain't gonna happen. His first priority is to clean up the mess left behind by our present prez.
But after that --> Watch out! Obama has the brains and ideas to turn this country around.
America, you made a wise choice.

Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain vs Reality

From Alaska....

Wow, is this how her state really feels?
I found this photo here
I think its appropriate. After all she said no to the bridge to nowhere but only after she based her entire Governor's campaign on getting this bridge. Even then she took the money (Oh! Was that an earmark?) and spent it elsewhere.
And that was just the start...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The debate about the debate-The solution

Why don' t we just move the debate to Washington? Then the candidates could do their senate thing and the debate.
Problem solved, right?
So why haven't any of these great minds thought about it?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Outting a Pregnant 17 year old~Shame on Sarah!

Aside from the fact that Sarah Palin outted her 17 year old daughter on national television for her own political gain (Bad mommy!), she is also supporting the marriage of a child. Oh yes, 17 year old's are children (they can't even vote yet!)
So here's a thought. The reason Palin outed her daughter is because some random blogger suggested that maybe baby Trig actually belonged to her daughter and not her. After all, her daughter missed like 5 months of school and when Sarah's water broke (leaked?) she waited two hours in Texas so she could give a speech, then traveled over 10 hours back to Alaska and then drove another hour to a hospital to deliver the baby. I know it was her fifth child but please! Isn't the health and safe delivery of a child a priority over giving a damn speech? Especially since it was a child with developmental issues? I guess Sarah didn't think so. Politics first, ya know.
So here's my theory (don't hate me~its just a thought)
What if her daughter really isn't pregnant? What if this is all a made up lie to show us Palin really is an outstanding member of the moral majority? Could Trig really belong to the daughter and this was just a pathetic attempt to cover it?
So if her daughter really does deliver a baby in December as scheduled...I'll apologize.
If not? We'll know Palin lied to us.
Still very un-cool to out your daughter on national TV.

Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain he is a changin' ...and changin'...and....

Did McCain run out of material or is he just into stealing the ideals of others when his own fail?
His whole campaign has been crapping on Obama about wanting change. Yet, last night he starts talking about how we need change. Does this man just wait to see which way the wind is blowing on a particular morning before he takes a stand? And then he blows off the leader of his own party, his president because he's ashamed of him? McCain! You voted with Bush over 90% of the time. Make up your mind!
And stealing? Ask Jackson Browne whose song he stole (that means take without permission) to use in his campaign. When Browne sued (here) did McCain just look around for another theme song to steal?
Ask the Wilson sisters who's work was used even after they requested the McCain campaign to leave their music out of his campaign.
So if downloading music is illegal...what does this say for McCain and crew?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain missed Willy!

John! You missed a good thing. This man, Willy Herenton, Mayor of Memphis, Tenn would have made a better VP pick. He has more experience, done some fab things for Memphis and has brought millions of dollars into his city.
And he has more experience than Sarah.
Okay, maybe he hasn't been a govenor for a year and a half but his city has the same population as the whole of Alaska so its basically the same thing.
Willy for VP

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain? Are you serious?

The word is out: McCain has picked his running mate. The Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
A woman who is younger then Obama (Hasn't McCain been harping on Obama's youth and lack of experience?) and her only other political work has been as mayor of Wasila, a small town of about 6000 people. (She's in her first term as Governor-not a lot of experience there either.)
Although we're just learning about her, she does support drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, but this would make sense as her husband is an oil production operator. (Is this what we call conflict of interest? Why wouldn't she support something that would keep her dear hubby employed?)

Did she really try to get her sister's exhusband fired?

She's also a hunter. Maybe she can give Dick Chaney some lessons?

One scary thought; If something happened to McCain while in office a mayor of a small town in the Alaskan wilderness will become president of the United States. ((shiver))

McCain! What were you thinking? Was this announcement a red herring? Is there something else up your sleeve? Did you let Sarah's name slip so we wouldn't be so shocked at your real choice? Did you think the fact that she's a woman would sway the Hillary vote? Do you think Hillary supporters are that stupid? At least Hillary spent some time in the White House and on her own has a lot more experience.

Read more about Sarah here.

Things they say about New Jersey

New Jersey is a peninsula.
Highlands, New Jersey has the highest elevation along the entire Eastern Seaboard, from Maine to Florida.
New Jersey is the only state where all of its counties are classified as metropolitan areas.
New Jersey has more race horses than Kentucky.
New Jersey has more Cubans in Union City (one square mile) than Havana, Cuba.
New Jersey has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the U.S.
New Jersey has the highest cost of living.
New Jersey has the highest cost of auto insurance.
New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation.
New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the Diner Capital of the World.
New Jersey is home to the original mystery pork parts chub (no,not spam)Taylor Ham or Pork Roll.
Home to the less mysterious, but the best, Italian hot dogs and Italian sausage w/peppers and onions.
North Jersey has the most shopping malls in one area in the world, with seven major shopping malls in a 25 square mile radius.
New Jersey is home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
The Passaic River was the site of the first submarine ride by inventor John P. Holland.
New Jersey has 50+ resort cities and towns, some of the nation's most famous: Asbury Park, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Long Branch and Cape May.
New Jersey has the most stringent testing along our coastline for Water Quality Control than any other seaboard state in the entire country.
New Jersey is a leading technology and industrial state and is the largest chemical producing state in the nation when you include pharmaceuticals.
Jersey tomatoes are known the world over as being the best you can buy.
New Jersey is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry production(and here you thought Massachusetts?).
In 1642, the first brewery in America opened in Hoboken.
New Jersey rocks! The famous Les Paul invented the first solid body electric guitar in Mahwah in 1940.
New Jersey is a major seaport state with the largest seaport in the U.S.,located in Elizabeth. Nearly 80% of what our nation imports comes through Elizabeth Seaport first.
New Jersey is home to one of the nation's busiest airports at Newark Liberty International.
George Washington slept here. Several important Revolutionary War battles were fought on New Jersey soil, led by General George Washington.
The light bulb, phonograph (record player) and motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park, NJ laboratory.
The first seaplane was built in Keyport, NJ.
The first airmail (to Chicago) was started from Keyport, NJ.
The first phonograph records were made in Camden, NJ.
New Jersey is home to the Miss America Pageant held in Atlantic City.
The game Monopoly, played all over the world, named the streets on their playing board after the actual streets in Atlantic City.
And, Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world.
New Jersey has the largest petroleum containment area outside of the Middle East countries.
The first Indian reservation was in New Jersey, in the Watchung Mountains.
New Jersey has the tallest water-tower in the world. (Union, NJ!!!)
New Jersey had the first Medical Center, in Jersey City.
The Pulaski SkyWay, from Jersey City to Newark, was the first skyway highway.
NJ built the first tunnel under a river, the Hudson. (Holland Tunnel).
The first baseball game was played in Hoboken, NJ, which is also the birthplace of Frank Sinatra.
The first intercollegiate football game was played in New Brunswick in 1889. (Rutgers College played Princeton.)
The first Drive-in Movie theater was opened in Camden, NJ, (but they're all gone now!)
New Jersey is home to both of "NEW YORK'S" Pro-Football Teams!
The first radio station and broadcast was in Paterson, NJ.
The first FM radio broadcast was made from Alpine, NJ, by Maj.Thomas Armstrong.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I have to say I'm leaning very strongly toward Obama. Let's face it. After eight years of Bush's republican politics we need someone to change things. We're in an unnecessary war, highest foreclosure and unemployment rates ever and between gas and tolls we can't even afford to get to work even if we could find a job.

Its time for a change and I don't think McCain is it. Here's a man who is so rich he doesn't even know how many houses he owns. (The number is between 7 and 9.) Think of it this way. You have a house that includes: Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, Utilities. You keep it nicely furnished which costs money, buy food to feed your family and any entertainment you can factor into your budget. Do you really think McCain has any idea how much it costs to live in America? He doesn't even know how many houses he has! How could he possibly know how much they cost to run?

By the way, Obama has one house. He's the one I'm voting for. He lives in the real world.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Jersey, land that I love

I've often thought that there is no place more perfect then New Jersey. We have four amazing seasons, a beautiful shoreline, mountains, lakes and half a claim to the Delaware river. We have Cape May (beautiful), Atlantic City (bring your wallet!) and shopping (Oh the Shopping!!!)

And we're a blue state! Can it get any better?

There are no mudslides, tornados (ok, few and far between), barely any hurricanes and if you can deal with the occasional Nor'easter...its bliss.

Then there's the politics. That's where the beauty stalls. From trying to over tax our toll roads to upping the sales tax I sometimes get the feeling that we're being driven out.

So, what's your opinion? Tell me about your New Jersey.