Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodbye Christie

Trenton has stalled in its service to New Jersey’s middle class. With Chris Christie catering to his million dollar cronies and with Joe Kyrillos playing his yes-man, any help for Sandy victims, small business and the average New Jerseyan is nowhere in sight.
My tax bill is climbing, the Gov is raiding $152 million meant for clean energy rebates, wasting $24 million in taxpayer $$$ on needless elections, takes Gay Marriage to court over and over again—what’s that hefty $Price$ tag?— and blowing Sandy funds ($600,000 to Calif for what?). 
  We need to shake up Trenton and bring in new blood and new ideas.

My plan?

Vote for anyone but the incumbents.  
Whoever they are, vote them out.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Chris Christie Report Card ---Great Big F for Failure

Check out the scoop on;

Yes America, the God of the GOP is screwing up New Jersey in ways that will hurt us for generations to come and he's looking to be your next President.
Please get the facts. New Jersey can't afford any more Christie politics.
America can't afford it.

Property taxes? Failed! They have risen steadily.

Education? Going down hill.

Sandy relief? Dreadfully mismanaged. Thousands still homeless. $600,000. sent to a company in California to come to NJ and tell people with no money how to manage their money.

Election fear caused Christie to waste $24 million on an unnecessary Senate election. Something he once said he would NEVER do. Was it his fear of being on the ticket with Booker? Of course. Your tax dollars mean nothing to him. He's the most disgraceful WASTE & SPEND GOVERNOR in NJ history.

Sadly, the Seaside Boardwalk recently lost four blocks worth of businesses in a terrible fire. It was rebuilt this year with funds from Sandy Relief. Now Christie is promising another $15 million of that same Sandy Relief fund to help rebuild it. Did he miss the fact that thousands of New Jersey residents are STILL HOMELESS due to Sandy and his little cash cow, the Sandy Relief fund has done nothing to help them?

Chris Christie, a nightmare for New Jersey. Vote him out!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Chris Christie a Cowboy's fan?

I heard our Gov turns his back on the Giants to root for the Dallas Cowboys. Bah!
He's traveling around the country now, kissing up to his base in hopes of being the next Prez. But he's still running for Gov of NJ. Playing all the options.

So does this mean if we elect him to the NJ Gov office (barf!) he'll abandon our state in 2015 to run for office of Prez in 2016??? Is he going to pull a SARAH PALIN on us?

Dear Future Presidential Voters,
     Christie is abusing NJ, his spending is out of control and he continues to ignore job creation, Sandy relief and help for small business. If you make him prez, he'll just bring his destruction to the white house, kiss up to his corporate cronies and blow your tax dollars.
     Consider yourself warned.

Bruised and Battered New Jersey

Monday, April 22, 2013

Not Voting for Governor Christie Reason # 2 Mismanagement of Sandy Relief

Governor Christie's defense of his wife's mismanagement of the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund is confusing and hostile. She's done NOTHING with the funds for five months but in our Governor's eyes, that's just fine. 

When questioned about the lack of action of his wife’s mismanagement of donations meant to help homeowners devastated by Sandy, Christie responds with excuses and anger. When John Boehner was late to approve the funds for Sandy recovery Christie was quick to put the blame on the speaker’s shoulders, yet his wife gets special dispensation for not releasing funds donated to Sandy relief. Congress’ lack of action was “disgraceful”, but his wife’s lack of action is “methodical.” 

Only after an Asbury Park Press investigation was there any action in releasing funds. A full five months after the storm hit. Storm ravaged homeowners still get nothing while the money goes to non-profit groups to support Sandy relief.  For a woman who spent her career in the financial sector, you’d think Mrs. Christie would be more adept at managing money. 

Now Mrs. Christie gives a $600,000 grant to an out-of-state organization, Operation Hope Inc. a California based firm, to open financial counseling centers in New Jersey for Sandy victims. Really? They're not giving the funds to the people who lost everything they own, families who are STILL living in hotels and have no end in sight for this nightmare. Yet when questioned, Christie defends this gross mismanagement. Is our Gov playing favorites here? He bashed Boehner but defends another who withholds Sandy relief, namely, his own wife. 

And if Mrs. Christie really thought this was a good idea was there no New Jersey based company that could do this job? Did she have to send the Sandy Relief funds out to California. Why put the money into the California economy instead of New Jersey's? 

Wouldn't this money be better used to rebuild and raise the homes destroyed by Sandy?  How about supplying appliances, furnaces, water heaters and roofs for those who lost everything? How many appliances would $600,000 buy? New Jerseyans don’t need counseling, they need their homes back. 

These kind of dog and pony shows are just another example of how out of touch the Christies are with real life in New Jersey. Another reason I won't vote this guy back into office. We need help, not mismanagement, high unemployment, and we certainly don't need funds raised to help New Jersey homeowners sent to California. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I'm NOT Voting for Governor Christie

Reason # 1;

I'm not voting for Governor Christie because numbers don't lie. He can bluster and blather all he wants but the unemployment numbers are there in black and white.

These number have risen steadily since he took office. Embarrassingly enough, this puts New Jersey at 7th worst in the entire nation. Yes, New Jersey, the state that made their mark in the industrial revolution and prospered ever headed for last place. Who knows, if we give him 4 more years, we just might make it. We've been watching this decent into middle class poverty since he got the job, why would anything change? And if he gets "Right to Work" laws in place in New Jersey, it will only get worse. Every state that implemented "Right to Work" has seen a steady DECLINE in worker wages. With unemployment already at an all time high, "Right to Work" laws will send us skidding into the gutter.

In fact, his get tough, cut all state aid policies have increased unemployment. Tax cuts are still in place for the rich and his buddies are lining their pockets, but police, firefighters, and teachers are still on the unemployment line. Christie forgets he's dealing with more than numbers on a ledger. All budget cuts affect real working class people. People Christie doesn't really know anything about.

Most people think his tough talk is cool. He's a Jersey tough guy and will defend the state.


He's defending big business and letting the middle class slide into poverty. Four more years? No friggin' way!

Stay tuned for reason # 2 tomorrow.....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To the Boston Idiot

You’re Not Jesse James
 No one’s going to remember you. They won’t think you were cool or something special. History might to say you were mentally ill or just something to be pitied and punished. You bombed the Boston Marathon but you’re not what we’ll remember. You’re already yesterday’s news.
We’ll remember the survivors for their fortitude and courage. We’ll remember the heroes who responded with compassion and guts to run into the chaos and save lives.
           You bombed the Boston Marathon and now the world thinks you’re a jerk. Something found smushed and smelly on the bottom of a shoe. They won’t remember you as an outlaw or an amazing human that you could do such a thing. They’ll think you’re just a bad person, someone no one wants to know or deal with in life. They’ll want you flushed down a toilet because that’s what your actions showed you are, just a living turd.
           What we will remember is those who ran toward the blast to help. We’ll remember the police, the FBI, and paramedics and doctors who ran to the rescue. These people became heroes that day and will forever go down in history as loving, good human beings who went the extra mile to save lives. They showed courage beyond imagination. From the brave people in the media who stayed to help and share the story, to Google who was one of the first to set up a link to find loved ones, to the city officials in Boston who jumped into action, these people are all heroes. These are the ones with stories to tell and to whom we’ll give our hearts, praise and thanks.
           You’re not Jesse James or any other kind of famous outlaw. Soon we will forget your name and your life and know you only as the asshole who tried to hurt people. Whatever your reason for doing this, we don’t care. We only save caring for those who deserve it. You’ll be caught and soon. You’re trial will be a joke because there’s not a jury in America that won’t throw the book at you. 
       One more question; Does Massachusetts have the death penalty? 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Topic on the Morning News: Gun Control

The right to bare arms has come up lately and its probably a long time coming. With school shootings, movie theaters,'s time to do something.

First, no one wants your guns if you're a responsible gun owner. What's needed is for getting a gun to be at least as hard as getting a driver's license. Maybe a test to make sure you know how to fire a gun? Written and practical?

I've never touched a gun. Do you want me to go buy one and start playing with it without instruction? How many people get a gun without any clue as to proper gun safety? I don't want to take your gun, I want to make sure you're not a moron when it comes to gun safety. If you have to have one, then educate yourself. For your safety, the safety of your family, your neighbors and everyone around you.

Background checks? If there's nothing in your background then don't worry. If there is, maybe there's a reason you shouldn't own a gun. Do you want someone with mental problems, previous assault charges, or a history of violence waving a gun around in your neighborhood? Around your family?

I support the right to bare arms. I just think it should be done responsibly. Take a class, learn basic gun safety by a qualified instructor and know what you're doing before you get that gun. The life these gun laws save may be your own.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gay Marriage a Civil Right?

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie vetoed the Gay Marriage bill a year ago and encouraged law makers to put it on the ballot.

Really Chris?

Let's see how that would have worked in history...
~Woman's right to vote?
~Freedom of religion?
~Discrimination for age or sex? Or pregnancy?
~Black's right to vote? Or marry? Or even ride in the front of the bus? (God bless Rosa Parks-an American hero)
~Repeal of Prohibition (okay, that one might have done all right on the ballot)

See how this goes? So why is gay marriage not just a civil right as opposed to something to be judged by others? Is it really our business who marries who?

Chris Christie's veto of the bill is nothing but discrimination. He is refusing to give the same rights to gays that he enjoys; marriage. What is his motivation for the veto? Is he drawing upon his own religious views to govern New Jersey? Does he only represent the straight people in New Jersey?

Okay enough with the questions no one seems to be giving up answers to. I think everyone should write or email or call their representatives in the New Jersey Legislature and tell them that this is the land of the free. Our forefathers came to America to free themselves from religious persecution. They didn't write "Land of the free except if you're gay" into the Constitution. It simply state; Land of the Free. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Tell your representatives to get off the fence and override Christie's veto. Gay marriage is a civil right that should never be denied because we are in the land of the free.

Find your Legislator right here~!

Back to history? To segregate people by not giving them basic civil rights is kind of how Hitler's reign started...

"First They Came for the Jews"
By Pastor Niemoller

 "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand
First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Jersey Betrayed by Insurance Companies

New Jersey residents paid their insurance companies every month. Hard working home owners were good little customers. They did the right thing, they paid on time and in full.

When the shit hit the fan and Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Jersey Shore the Insurance companies betrayed their loyalty and trust. Instead of being the saviors of the shore, they tied up homes in red tape, lost paper work and double talk.

A single mother lived through the terror of carrying her tiny daughter through the rising flood water in Union Beach as the sky was electric with transformers blowing up over head. When the storm was over and she was finally allowed back into town to view the damage of her home, she was horrified. Everything was gone. the home took on over 5 feet of water and sewage. She did what every homeowner on the Jersey shore did; she called her Insurance company. She might as well have phoned Mickey Mouse.

A young homeowner in Port Monmouth returned home after the storm to find flood waters had filled his home with 5 feet of water and debris. He immediately filed a claim with his Insurance company and called FEMA. FEMA refused to help until the Insurance company said what they would pay. In December the homeowner still hasn't received a payment, mold is taking over his home and he's still living with relatives. He lost all appliances, computers, clothing and electronics. Like the slap in the face, his insurance company informs him they lost his claim. Back to square one.

Adding insult to injury, these homeowners discovered that the insurance company and FEMA are making it impossible to rebuild. They are now demanding that all homes in the area be raised, yet offer limited assistance to do so. Taxes and flood insurance rates will now rise making it impossible for a single mother or young homeowner to get back into their homes.

As if we weren't being taxed out of New Jersey as it is, now more people will lose their homes because of a disaster for which they should have been insured. How can the insurance companies get away with this kind of behavior?  I know they must be crazy busy but its been FOUR  MONTHS  and people are still homeless. Hire people, get the job done, do what you were paid to do by all those New Jersey home owners who paid their premiums on time. 

Who regulates the insurance companies? 

These guys: The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. They're the one's you can file a complain to if your insurance company fails you. I'm sure they're overwhelmed but hey! It's their job. It's why they have a job when so many lost their jobs when Hurricane Sandy hit. 

Don't give up, New Jersey. Call your Senators and Congressmen. Let the know your story. Make it real to them, invite them to your homes and hand them pair of work gloves. 

God bless the Jersey Shore for they are Jersey strong. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

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